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"A baby is born with a need to be loved and never outgrows it"

...Frank A Clark

ipsaa‘s BEAUTY PROGRAM is created to nurture innocence during this wonderful period of human growth. It is an individualized program for each of your little ones. We maintain an air of calm and gentle care-giving, observing the rhythms and movements of the baby. The physical and emotional ambience for the Beauty programme is created keeping in mind holistic development of the child.

The program includes an understanding of how children imbibe life disciplines, health and emotional intelligence with :

  • Supervision by a Mentor Mum with a background of child care, trained by our health care partner Artemis Hospitals.
  • Individual routine-charts for feed time and small meals
  • Logged in observation for diaper change and basic hygiene routines
  • Simple baby exercises with music and cognitive stimulation

We believe “each child also teaches us to care along her-his inner rhythm”

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