Can You Name The Flowers This Season?

Can You Name The Flowers This Season?

It is that time of the year again when flowers of all shapes, sizes and colours can be seen peeping out of pots and flower beds across the town. They add a much needed dash of colour to our otherwise brown and grey concrete jungle. Children have an eye for all things bright and colourful and a profusion of petals seldom escapes their attention. Apart from a few common ones like rose and marigold, most of us cannot name the flowers that brighten our homes and public spaces. So this week, Ipsaa acquaints you with some of the most widely seen species of flora this season:


Literally meaning ‘sparkling’ these flowers are named after a beautiful shepherdess in Greek mythology.


White, yellow, purple, or blue these flowers are found in abundance and are a favourite at Ipsaa too!


Called ‘Sadabahar’ in Hindi, the flowers have five petals and are either blue or white.


These flowers come in a variety of colours and can grow up to over 3 inches in diameter. They are called Guldaudi in Hindi.


A common sight in most gardens, the primrose has many medicinal properties.


White, pink or read, the camellia is a strikingly beautiful flower.


These flourish in abundance with little need for care and are a perennial delight.


Known in Hindi as Gulbahar, daisies flourish during this time of the year.

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