Why do you need a daycare ?

With traditional structures like joint families being sociologically reconfigured and the advent of nuclear homes where both parents are working,  a day care becomes an important extension of your daily life. It is a repository of trust and harmony, where you leave your children safe in the knowledge that they will be loved and looked after.

We realise that a child may be single with her or his own needs or as part of a family with siblings may have inhibitions, so we run our daycare like a large family home, grouping children vertically or laterally, to allow across-age group and sibling-like bondings. Growing up in this environment, they learn the importance of relationships, sharing, empathy and co-habitation, which we all know are vital life-skills.

Programmes section

All our programs have been envisioned and worked on with our research team with experience in both E.C.C.E and higher education.

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