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Our Full Daycare Program

At Ipsaa, we are more concerned in keeping each child’s individuality in mind + whetting all five windows of learning.

The little ones participate in sensory based learning experiences while receiving positive care ,nurturance all the time laced with love and patience.

We realize that a child may be single with her or his own needs or as a part of a family with siblings may have inhibitions, so we run our day care like a large family home, grouping children vertically or laterally, to allow across-age group and sibling-like bonding’s. Growing up in this environment, they learn the importance of relationships, sharing, empathy and co-habitation, which we all know are vital life skills.

Each table, chair, activities and play area are specially designed to stimulate and enhance the child’s development.

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Address: Plot No.72-74, Babar Road,
Bengali Market, Near Mandi House,
Connaught Place Region, New Delhi

Phone Number: 1800 121 2467
Email: info@ipsaa.in

Nutritious Meals, CCTV Cameras, Corporate Tie ups. Home Away from Home.

Some Words of Joy

Trisha really enjoys her time at ipsaa. It’s evident from the fact that she neither cries when I leave her there nor when I pick her up. As parents, we feel relieved and at ease when we leave her at ipsaa. She learns new things, gets a chance to socialise, tries new foods and plays new games. Very Satisfied. Dipti Aggarwal

Parent of Trisha Vasanth

Pritish has always been a fuzzy eater and I always struggled to feed him. But mostly end up disappointed and demotivated to try new recipes and make him eat. It has been 2 years and almost 90% of times I checked with him, I realised that he likes the food at ipsaa. He eats well there. It’s great that we are associated with you guys! Thank you so much! Poonam

Parent of Pritish

I am a satisfied mother, seeing my child pick up good and useful words, picking up good things and becoming social. Every parent is aspirational, but finding mentors and teachers as aspirational as a family is rare. At ipsaa, we can trust our children are in safe hands. Happy and content that we chose ipsaa and not just any other day care. Priyanka Bhagat

Parent of Aaryan

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