Five Fun Ways to Spend Grandparents’ Day

No one else pampers children as much as their grandparents do. The intergenerational relationship is emotionally and spiritually fulfilling for grandparents and grandchildren alike. This Grandparents’ day we decided to share some ideas about how children can spend some quality time with their grandparents.


Board Games

A game of Chess or Carom can prove to be incredibly engaging and fun. Children stand to learn a lot of strategic skills from their grandparents who have a veritable collection of tricks acquired over the years. The enthusiasm of the kids on the other hand will make the seniors feel young again.


New Stories, Same Old Fun

Children love to listen to stories as much as their grandparents love telling them. If the old collection of stories has been exhausted, then pick a new book! Reading a new book together is a lot of fun as both grandparents and grandchildren discover a new world of fantasy together. The perspective that grandparents can bring to the story can be very wise and enriched with values.


Watch an Old Movie

This is perhaps the best way to spend the Sunday of Grandparents’ Day. Have the grandparents pick their favorite movie from their days as young adults and watch it together. You’ll be surprised at how entertaining an old classic can be when you watch it people who lived through an era in which it was released!


Fun with Family Recipes

“You have become so thin! You have to let me feed you!” is a constant refrain of grandmothers the world over. To spice things up a bit this Sunday, have the grandchildren join their grandmothers at the stove while the grandfathers chop all the vegetables. The children will learn some very yummy family recipes and cherish the moments they spent making them with their grandparents forever.


Look at Old Photographs!

Going through old family photographs with grandparents is actually very informative. They always know who is who and what year and time each picture was taken. Some very funny old family stories may also spring up. All in all it will turn out to be a great day spent remembering the good days of the past!

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