Go Green with a gardening project this monsoon!

Monsoon is the season for nurturing, as nature is awash with beautiful fragrances and delectable flavours in the making. Maintaining a small vegetable garden is one of the best ways to help children imbibe the values of caring for others, besides sensitising them to the environment. Here are a few plants that can easily be grown at home. Go ahead, grow your veggies and eat them too!

  • Lettuce: Lush greens and lettuce are one of the best plants to grow in containers. The size of the container is not of much consequence, all you have to do is add the seeds to some fertile soil and water it regularly. After the lettuce is ready, let your little one whip up a salad!
  • Green onions: These vegetables would grow the best in a pot that is about 4 to 5 inches deep. They do not require much monitoring and grow into beautiful little bulbs rather quickly.
  • Potatoes: Potatoes are fun vegetables to grow at home. Bury a few in some soil and water it regularly. Voila! You’ll spot the baby stems shooting up in no time. However, the new potatoes will be ready only after a few months.
  • Cherry Tomato: A wonderful addition to any vegetable, salad or sandwich, these cute vegetables will be a delight for your child to cultivate. Germinate the seeds and ensure that they see plenty of sunlight for a batch of ripe treats every fortnight!
  • Chillies: Slice a chilli in half and germinate the seeds that you find inside. The small plant does not take a lot of space. Try growing differently coloured peppers to add to the fun!


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