Grand Week at Ipsaa with Grandparents

Grandparents inspire us to be our best selves with great compassion and wisdom. To honour their irreplaceable love and support, we at Ipsaa celebrated Grandparents’ Week from 13th to 21st of September. Grandparents of all the children at Ipsaa were invited to participate in numerous activities and events all through the week.

At our Sector 51 branch, we were joined by grandparents of Aarna, Kiara, Dakshita, Shreya, Vanya, Aaryan, Ariana, Prateet and Srijan who made some marvellous memories with their grandchildren at Ipsaa. Vanya’s and Srijan’s grandmother and Aaryan’s grandfather enthralled the children with stories and made a Tree of Life with their hand and finger prints while Prateet’s, Aarna’s, Kiara’s and Dakshita’s grandparents had a wonderful rhyme and song session with the kids. As a token of affection, the children presented their grandparents with the ‘Seeds of Joy’ which were sapling pots painted by the children in the Pottery Habba. Aaryan, Sareen and Madhav rendered a beautiful song dedicated to Grandparents the chorus of which was “Dadu kehte hai bada naam karega!” Manav and Mayank presented a little skit while Gauri and Sharda delighted everyone with a puppet play.  The Grandparents left their hand prints on the class board as a token of fond remembrance of the magical time they had with the children at Ipsaa.

The festivities were celebrated with great pomp at our other branches too. Vihan, Kanisha and Vivan’s Grandparents joined us at IPSAA Cyber City where the children presented a small dance and skit for their grandparents which they thoroughly enjoyed. All the grandparents received Happy Grandparents’ Day Cards and donned Best Grandparents badges which were pinned onto them by their grandchildren. Recreational games like ‘Pass the Parcel’ brought out the playful side of grandparents, parents and children alike. Kanisha’s grandmother appreciated the high energy level of the teachers and said that is good to see children from different backgrounds learn to play together and be taken care of uniformly by the staff.

Our branch in Sector 86 echoed with love and laughter as grandparents of Aanya, Gurdit, Ayaansh, Harnoor, Vanshika, Ekagraa, Kaenat and Reyansh participated in fun games like the lemon spoon race. One of the games required the grandparents to wear masks and their grandchildren had to spot them out. There was also a high spirited and dancing session when the children were joined by their grandparents on the dance floor.

It was indeed a magical week full of laughter and joy and one that will be cherished by all the grandparents and children who participated. We sincerely thank all the Grandparents who joined us at Ipsaa, the Centre of Joy.

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