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"Children see magic because they look for it."

...Christopher Moore

ipsaa‘s Joy Programme is based on our observation that each child of the age group 1-2 years has what we call – a natural rhythm of joy. The physical and emotional ambience for Joy programme is keeping in mind the holistic development of the child. The programme has been put together to maximize joy in each child’s natural rhythm.

The programme includes understanding of transition from the lap stage to the mild exploratory stage along sensorial development with a base of our emotional nurturance and

  • Supervision by a Mentor Mum with a background of child care, trained by our health care partner Artemis Hospitals
  • Individual routine charts for meals
  • Logged in individual time for basic hygiene routines
  • Simple Joy exercises with music
  • Sensorial and gentle starting of routines for reading language building and physical development of the child.

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