let’s stop competing and start collaborating for equality

Women’s Equality is an issue that has given the public cause for much thought and deliberation. What this equality means exactly and how it can be attained are questions with a lot of varied answers. Kanchan Mittal, Co-Founder of Ipsaa writes about the answer that she believes is the right one.

“Much of the narrative that surrounds women’s empowerment is centred on campaigns like Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao. No serious action is taken to encourage women in the pursuit of their dreams after attaining an education. Society still requires her to calibrate her career according to the needs of her husband and children whereas the career of a man faces no such limitations. The workplace has become a battleground. Pursuing a misconstrued meaning of equality, women are achieving to outrun men. Men, in the meanwhile, are preparing for battle. They are hitting full throttle to compete with the new players on the scene- the women workforce. I believe equality is being wrongly perceived as a stage where both genders become identical and this serves no good to either gender.

A woman’s fight for equality should not entail a competition with her male colleagues as well as the responsibility of managing a household alone. Similarly, the added strain of competition at work should not mean that a man has to cut down on quality time with his family. Men and women should stop competing and start working together in their pursuit of happiness. The Paternity Bill being discussed in parliament is the type of legislation that we require to even the field out for men and women. Our society needs to awaken to the necessity of a man’s role in the running of a household and the importance of women in the workplace.

This can only be achieved when both genders realize their dissimilarities, become aware of their respective strengths and weaknesses and work towards supporting each other. The dissolution of the gender barrier is what will take us as a civilization to achieve new horizons of glory.”


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