Make it a Family Scene

The modern family is divided by smart phones, personal laptop computers and tablets. The most common in-house scene is becoming that of family members sitting separately with their eyes glued to their personal gizmos. But here’s a thought: if a family can be divided by screens, it can be united by a single screen too. This week Ipsaa brings to you a list of movies that are a must-watch-with-family. So get everyone to huddle up in front of the big TV and take your pick from the following:

Finding Nemo
This movie is a heartwarming tale of how a young Clownfish Nemo and his overprotective father Marlin learn to trust each other. And the rest of the characters are simply a-Dory-ble. There’s a sequel coming out in July 2016 so all the more reason to warm up for it by watching the first film!

Sound of Music
This classic starring a young and sprightly Julie Andrews was released in 1965 but the musical merriment shown in the movie is timeless. Don’t be surprised if your family randomly starts humming “Favourite Things” in the middle of whatever they’re doing after watching the movie!

The Incredibles
When The Incredibles accidentally become aware of a diabolical plan, they must use their respective strengths and cover for each other’s weaknesses to save the day. Their adventurous story will definitely strengthen your own familial bonding.

Mary Poppins
The antics of a wonderfully eccentric English nursemaid effortlessly played by Julie Andrews are sure to tickle the funny bones of family members of all ages. Released in 1964, this classic movie is one of the finest Walt Disney productions and one that has a considerable impact of pop culture till date.

Jajantaram Mamantaram
A cross between the fable of Bakasura and Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels, this movie starring Jaaved Jaaffery and Gulshan Grover has all the elements of a family fiction- giants, midgets, evil magicians, spells etc. After the movie, you can hold a family contest to see who can say the movie’s title the most number of times in half a minute!

Stanley Ka Dabba
Rediff declares that “It is a delightfully simple story about a young boy, his friends and a schoolteacher who isn’t his greatest fan, and yet, like the finest of children’s tales, it has the power to be just as epic as the children want it to be.” And this is isn’t even the nicest line written about this critically acclaimed film!

Chillar Party
This one is a small film with a big heart. Watch this gang of innocent yet feisty gang of kids take on the big bad world of politics to protect their endangered friend. The entire film is from the children’s viewpoint which is a welcome change from the narration of adults which can sound a little patronizing when it comes to the adventures of children.

So there you are, seven movies for you to enjoy together with all the members of the family. Don’t forget to make popcorn!

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