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PIC - 2Thank you dear Sanvi for such a heartwarming parting gift. We will miss you and hope you will always be surrounded by love and happiness


We have Completed two fabulous years filled with “Joy”,”Care” and “Trust”. May all the Years to come, bring in loads of warm and memorable times for our ipsaa family.

Parents Testimonials

I want to express my sincere thanks to the school management and especially to the pre-nursery team as teachers are really very friendly and caring so they are able to make a kid learn in their own home kind environment. Only because of that Iva settled down quickly and now she started enjoying her school too. The Main beauty is that in IPSAA each and every kid get personnel attention and care too and I really appreciate it.
All of your good work and positive efforts will pay and result in school growing at a faster pace. All the very best!!
And with all of that I am sure this school will maintain the same decorum in future also
Pushpa Kaswan,Mother of Iva kaswan,Pre-nursery student
I am a satisfied mother, seeing my child pick up good & useful words, picking up good mannerisms and becoming social. Every parent is aspirational, but finding mentors & teachers as aspirational as a family is rare. At ipsaa, we can trust our children are in safe hands. Happy and content that we chose ipsaa and not just any other day care.
Priyanka Bhagat, Parent of Aaryan, Age 1.2 Years, Group Joy

A home away from home!

My kids are discovering their strengths and having their skills under the guidance of the amazing IPSAA family! As a parent I am so assured that my boys are in safe, secure, warm and constructive environment. The feedbacks are very organized and IPSAA is doing a great job!

Keep it up!
Shipra Midha Sareen, Parent of Aaryan & Vivaan Sareen, Age 8.4 Years, Group Truth

I was very nervous when I had to decide on leaving my 4.5 months daughter to a daycare. I was looking for a hygienic and secure environment. I visited quite a few daycare centers in Gurgaon, and decided on IPSAA in the very first visit. It has a certain positivity that comforted me about her safety and well being. I am a satisfied a happy mother and love my partnership with ipsaa.
Shubhra Banga, Parent of Anya Banga, Group Beauty
Trisha really enjoys her time at ipsaa. It’s evident from the fact that she neither cries when I leave her there nor when I pick her up.
As parents, we feel relieved and at ease when we leave her at ipsaa- she learns new things, gets a chance to socialize, try new foods and play new games.
Very Satisfied.
Dipti Aggarwal, Parent of Trisha Vasanth, Age 10 Months, Group Beauty
Achintya loves coming to ipsaa. He says mom drop me to daycare directly and he asks to drop him to daycare even on Saturday’s. He tells about his activities in ipsaa very fondly.
I appreciate the activities that are going on for children. Each and everyone in ipsaa are all open to feedback and takes very good care of children.
Geetika Bhargava, Parent of Achintya Bhargava
My daughter has started coming to ipsaa almost a year now. I can see the change in her, she is engaged in constructive activities and has made lot of friends at the end of the day, and the smile on her face makes me feel happy about my choice.
Manisha Sarkar, Parent of Aahana Sarkar, Age 6 Year
Ipsaa is like home. When I first visited ipsaa I was very apprehensive leaving my child in daycare but now I can safely say that this is best place for him to be.
What I like most is value driven care for kids, no television and keeping them positively engaged. Each evening when I pick up Manit his happy face tells me that I don’t need to work. Thanks ipsaa
Kirti Talwar, Parent of Manit Talwar, Age 8.4 Year, Group Truth
Anika is very happy girl at ipsaa. She loves her teachers & didis and we can see the change in her week to week. She and we are very happy to be at ipsaa and look forward to her growing up with ipsaa.
Gaurav jain, Parent of Anika Jain, Age 1.1 Years, Group Joy
Ipsaa has been a great experience for us as working parents as well. We really appreciate the way they pay attention to each child and engage with them adorably. My son gets happy when we tell him-“lets go to your day care” and as parents we feel blessed ,we found  a great place to be in other than his home.
Anoop Khatry, Parent of Vivaan Khatry, Age 1.6 Years, Group Joy
Ipsaa has been god sent to me as Rishabh loves to spend time here along with friends and mentor moms. It has also given me the opportunity to get back to work without any guilty as ipsaa stands for love, care and personalized attention in short home away from home.
Sweta Rai, Parent of Rishabh Rai, Age 3.1 Years, Group Sincerity
True to its motto of “home away from home”, ipsaa for Divit is a cozy than Xplace where he loves coming every day. I am truly satisfied with staff and environment at ipsaa. Hoping to continue this association in future also.
Richa Rastogi, Parent of Divit Rastogi, Age 3 Years, Group Sincerity
Seeing Devaditya happy and energetic in the evening gives us reassurance of ipsaa taking good care of our child. He loves eating ipsaa burgers and his new Drawing Classes.
Supreet Joshi, Parent of Devaditya Joshi, Age 6.9 Years, Group Perfection
We are very happy to send Arshia to ipsaa. She enjoys a lot with her friends here and is like a second home for her. She is taken care very well at ipsaa and is happy to be @ ipsaa.
Amit Mago, Parent of Arshia Mago,Group Aspiration
The real proof of the success of ipsaa for Madhav is that he looks forward to it. For me to be able to focus on my work knowing that my son is in a safe loving environment is a blessing. Keep up the good work of supporting working mothers. Best Wishes.
Vibhuti Tellotsan, Parent of Madhav Tellotsen
I begin by thanking you and your team. Dhairya is speaking fluently and expresses himself more with words than sounds. We have also noticed that he is careful with organizing things, putting them where they belong and it’s a delight to see him doing so. He loves outdoors and is already socializing with other kids even older than him. I have heard him chumming twinkle twinkle and his “OM” chanting is equally adorable. He has started to a lot of pictures and remembers names rather easily.
We are delighted to see him thrive in “ipsaa” environment. My compliments yet again.
Parent of Dhairya

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