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"Children must be taught how to think, not what to think."

...Margaret Mead

ipsaa‘s PURITY PROGRAM has been created with the understanding that at this age a child is capable of reflecting her-his prepared environment and absorbing everything around her -him. Through the Purity program we develop a routine for the child consisting of interactive activities aimed at building language and sensorial range. The physical and emotional ambience for PURITY PROGRAM is keeping in mind holistic development of the child.

We work within the framework of Sri Aurobindo’s first Principle of “we are not here to teach” at this stage.

For this age-group our Mentor Mums engage in an array of sit-in and out-door activities to help develop an emotional connect between the child and themselves. We do learn from children and experience their little world of curiosity, but we also prepare an environment that is worthy of learning patterns for life.

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