Sanjna Kapoor brings the magic of theatre to Gurgaon

This children’s day, IPSAA celebrated the sense of wonder, excitement and imagination that is unique to children. The Gurgaon-based day care center launched “Face to Face with “Sanjna Kapoor”, a series of exclusive theatre workshops, designed specially for children aged 9 to 12 years. The workshops will be conducted by Sanjna Kapoor, Cofounder & Director, Junoon Theatre.

To be conducted over two weekends: this one and the next, the workshops seek to help children explore the endless possibilities of creativity through theatre games, exercises, improvisations and more. Children create magical worlds of make-believe as they discover and learn with movement, voice, memory, observation, communication, concentration and characters. Warm, open, creative and inclusive – these workshops offer the ideal environment for every child to experience and delight in working alone and in a team.

IPSAA Day Care seeks to create a platform for progressive education through theatre in Gurgaon. “We strongly believe in the power of theatre to help children discover their talents and interests. With partnerships such as that with Junoon, we seek to foster an attitude of creative thinking and encourage an exploration of arts among children in the Millennium City,” says Kanchan Mittal, co-founder, Ipsaa.

Junoon’s Arts at Play is a programme designed especially for children, built on the belief that engaging with the arts can transform your life, particularly at a young age. Sanjna Kapoor is an acclaimed theatre personality and is known for having built Prithvi Theatre into one of India’s premier cultural hubs and is responsible for bringing some of the finest of world and Indian theatre to Indian audiences. Sanjna has played a key role as a catalyst for theatre for children and young audiences. “I believe in the transformative power of theatre all children should be exposed to, unlocking their creativity through artistic expression. This is the world I love diving into with children,” she says.

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