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"Children aren't coloring books. You don't get to fill them with your favourite colors."

...Khaled Hosseini

ipsaa‘s sincerity programme understands that at this stage children are developing opinions and a sense of self. There is also a beginning of expression of free will, as in ‘I want this now’.

Our Sincerity Programme is based on Sri Aurobindo’s third Principle that “the mind has to be consulted in its growth” . The programme is carefully created to expose the child to :

  •  Mathematics
  •  Language
  •  Music and movement
  •  Physical Education
  •  Cognitive Ability
  •  Cultural and Environmental Studies
  •  Choice-making

The programme includes:

  • Relaxing with a soft and sonorous ambience during meal times and naptime
  • A  block room set up for creativity, logic and Choice Time, to choose from multiple intelligence and emotional intelligence based activities. This gives each child a sense of calm, increased attention span and a habit for schooling in a gradual manner.
  • A child Post the age of 3 years can directly go to a nursery school from ipsaa‘s SINCERITY PROGRAM and then come back for a relaxed support of our large family home.

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