Sweeten up the festive season

Must Have Mithais

There is perhaps no sweeter manifestation of festive joy than a box of mouthwatering Mithais. Kaju Barfi, Milk Cake, Besan Ka Laddoo (Your mouth must be watering already!), Gulaab jamun, Rasgullaas are the regular top contenders for fridge space in every household. This festive season, we present a selection of the best desserts from all across the country to cook, savour and share with your loved ones!

1. Coconut Ladoo :- For food that is majorly composed of two very easily available ingredients- coconut and sugar, our first contender packs a powerful punch on the taste buds. Sometimes spiced with just a pinch of cardamom, coconut ladoos are very easy to make and easier to consume by the dozen.

2. Mysore Pak:- These tiny golden bricks are incredibly rich in taste and effortlessly melt in your mouth. The first ever batch was created in the royal kitchen of Mysore Palace from which the dish gets its name. Every box of Mysore Pak tastes surreally royal.

3. Mawa Bati:-This Mithai is from the heart of our country- Madhya Pradesh. It looks like a bigger version of Gulaab Jamun but it has a surprise filling of dry fruits and saffron in the middle and it tastes better. But don’t take our word for it, try it for yourself!

4. Sandesh :- Every Bengali swears by the sublime sweetness of Sandesh. Normally made with milk and sugar, some variations consist of khoya and the essence of curd and is called Pranahara (literally, ‘soul stealer’) in parts of Dhaka.

5. Malai Ghewar:-This Marwari delicacy is possibly the most famous sweet dish of Rajasthan. The recipe and technique of cooking is complex and not everyone’s cup of tea, but it is certainly a dish which is popularly consumed and loved.

6. Kashmiri Shufta :- Bored of boxed dry fruits that are primitive in taste and well, just dry? Try Kashmiri Shufta! To make it, dry fruits are first soaked in water for a while and then mixed with ghee, various spice powders and sugar.
This dish plays with its primary ingredients which are dry fruits and presents it in a whole new way which looks and tastes great!

7. Pootharekulu Kunda:-This delicacy from Andhra Pradesh is made with rice and involves delicate skill. It is made out of paper thin rice sheets wrapped around a delicious filling. So what are you waiting for? Go indulge in something sweet and fun!

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