Teacher’s Day Celebration at Ipsaa

It is a happy coincidence this year that Janamashtami and Teachers’ day have fallen on the same date. There is perhaps no teacher greater than Shri Krishna. All the tales of his legend have the comkon running theme of ‘Teaching and leadership through example’. In his friendship with Sudama he established that among friends, financial status is irrelevant. In his friendship with Draupadi he established the biggest example of a dependable friend. In his message through Bhagwat Gita he showcased the importance of hard work and objectivity and also the importance of the right message at the right time. As a young village boy he set an example as a charming lover and also the savior the people could turn to during times of floods and rains when they were in great distress. In his relationship with his elder brother Balram, Lord Krishna exemplified the love and bonding between siblings. By loving his foster mother Yashoda like his own biological mother Devki, Krishna shows that relations are formed by love and affection and not necessarily by common blood only. He challenged the social stigmas of cast and creed and taught a practical way of leading a good and just life. As preached and practiced by Shri Krishna, doing one’s work with full sincerity and honesty and keeping one’s focus on the effort rather than worrying about the result is sure to lead us on the path of happiness. There is a lot to learn and imbibe from his life. Let us resolve on this day that we will put Shri Krishna’s teachings and philosophy to practice in our daily lives in whatever little ways we can. May the Lord bless you and your family with great wisdom and greater happiness! Happy Janamashtami to all!

And to those among you who are in the pious pursuit of spreading knowledge, we wish you a very Happy Teachers’ Day!

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