Why I Chose To Teach

Teaching is not cake walk. Educating and honing the skills of children who are at their most impressionable is a lot of responsibility. There is absolutely no room to make mistakes. But still some people embrace the challenge and take on the profession of teaching and we are grateful for their courage and persistence every day. We asked Arti Mohan, a core member of the Ipsaa team why she chose to take on the endeavor to educate, here’s what she had to say:

“The energy of children is contagious. However tired I may be, as soon as I enter the classroom and hear the excited sing song greeting of “Good Morning Ma’am!” all my fatigue evaporates and I can’t help but smile and greet the children back with equal enthusiasm. There aren’t many professions in the world that can revitalize you like that. Children are in a constant state of wonder and it shows in the shine of their wide eyes as they marvel at the new discoveries they make every day. Their keenness about the world around them makes me see the world anew. To me, the water tanks towering over the city were just another piece of urban architecture that fade into the background, it was a child that made me see them afresh as giant mushrooms which house gnomes, fairies and a million other fantasies. The uninhibited creative perspective with which the children see the world never fails to amaze me. I do not remember a single instance when a conversation with a child might have bored me.

There is a sparkling honesty in the way children behave and react. Diplomacy and cold shouldering is an art practiced only by adults. Children are direct in their dealings and honest in the expression of how they feel. You know when the child is sad or upset because he or she shows it, it is seldom that way with adults who put on façade after façade in a bid to be socially appropriate. The genuineness of the company of children is very refreshing. Moreover, the satisfaction of giving back to the society by teaching the next generation is unparalleled. I feel immensely proud to be pursuing such a noble profession. I honestly can’t think of anything that makes me as happy as the children in my class.”

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