World Book Day: Celebrate books and stories!

We have been ignoring some of our best friends since the advent of smart-phones: books.
Facebook updates and tweets of 140 characters or less have become most of what we read today. As children emulate the habits of adults, they may never discover the joy of reading and its many benefits, such as intellectual stimulation, improved vocabulary, and better memory and focus. This World Book Day, introduce your child to the habit of reading and in the process, reunite with your long lost literary friends. Here’s how:

Verbalize Your Reading: Read aloud to your child. Once they discover the limitless possibilities of fiction, they will start reading by themselves in no time.

Make A Book List:
Make two book lists. First: help your child make a list of books to read over a stipulated amount of time. Start with genres that your children like, once they pick up the habit, they’ll start exploring beyond what they already know and like by themselves. Second: Ask them to keep a log of all the books they’ve read and write a small paragraph next to each entry stating how they liked each book.

Designate A Time To Read:
After school or before bed, designate a convenient time for reading. Make sure that other members of the family are not watching tv or playing video games to ensure the children stay focused. Start with 20 minutes and slowly increase the time to an hour a day. Keep a dictionary close by. Read with your children; do not work on the laptop while they’re reading.

Discuss What They’re Reading: Encourage your children to talk about the story they’re reading. Discuss perspectives and possible plot developments to keep the child interested in the book. Children learn quickly, in no time at all they’ll progress to more complex reading material. Acknowledge their progress and congratulate them on it.

Locate a library:Take a trip to a library that’s close by and well stocked with a variety of books. Become a member and issue books every time you go to give yourself a reason to go back to the library. Better yet, start a book club or a lending library in your neighbourhood!

May you find adventure and awareness in every chapter! Happy Reading!

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