World Sewing Machine Day

Sewing machines used to be a quintessential part of every Indian home. Everyone has memories of their grandmother stitching beautiful frocks for the children of the house. All of us have a hand knit sweater tucked away in a corner of our cupboards, and we would all agree that it is indeed the warmest. 13 June is celebrated as World Sewing Machine day. In the age of all things machine made, the charm of the sewing machine and the wonder of wearing something handmade has been lost.

Sewing and stitching are much more than just a hobby; it is an essential life skill and is a useful vocation in many professions. The fulfillment that comes with having created something from the very beginning is an experience that brings fulfillment and happiness.

In an endeavor to instill love for the vocation amongst children, ipsaa hosted a Stitching workshop at Summer Camp 2016. The workshop was conducted by USHA Janome.


As the children charted the journey of drawing their designs on paper to wearing the hair-bows that they had made, the children felt a sense of accomplishment to have created something that was uniquely theirs. The workshop introduced the participants to important techniques such as using a sewing machine, reverse stitching buttons. During the course of the workshop, the children made a clutch, a bookmark, and a variety of hair accessories and clothes.


“My favorite part about the workshop was making the frock,” chirps 10 year old Kohina.


Join us as we seek to revive tradition and nurture a spirit of creation amongst the young ones!

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